Notes: December 15, 2009

More About The End

Jesus continues to discuss future events.

Matthew 24:31-42

Angels gathering the elect (v. 31)

  • from the four winds
  • from one end of heaven to the other

Parable of the fig tree (v. 32-33)

  • knowing that summer is near
  • knowing that the end is near

The eternal words of Christ (v. 34-35)

  • “This generation”. Does Christ mean the generation that is listening to him, or the generation that will be alive when these things happen? Or is the same group?
  • Many things will disappear, but not the words of Christ.

Nobody knows, but God (v. 36)

  • Whenever somebody tells you that he knows or can predict when the end will be, don’t believe him.

As in the days of Noah (v. 37-42)

  • Life was routine until Noah entered the ark.
  • So shall it be when Jesus returns.