Notes: December 14, 2009

Don’t Believe Everything You Hear

Jesus warns that much false information about him will prevail.

Matthew 24:19-30

  • When trouble comes it will be best not to be pregnant or nursing. And pray that it’s not winter or the Sabbath. Why? Because of the hardships involved with traveling under those conditions. Note: the existence of sabbath for believers implies either a.) a continuing sabbath in the church, or b.) a pre-church fulfillment of this tribulation. (v. 19-21)
  • The elect. They exist in the plan of God. God will limit the tribulation for their sake (v. 22) and they cannot be deceived (v. 24).
  • Don’t go looking for Jesus to arrive secretly- he will come openly and visibly (v. 23-28)—he will not be in secret chambers.
  • Upheaval in the sun, moon, stars and powers of heaven. Do you think this is limited to meteorology? Remember Joseph’s dream (Genesis 37:9-12).
  • Why will the tribes of the earth mourn? (v. 30). Does this forbade evil for them?