Notes: December 13, 2009

The Beginning Of Sorrows

As terrible as destruction of the temple and wars and disasters are, they are just the beginning of the end.

Matthew 24:8-18

These, too, shall follow:

  • Persecution of the followers of Christ (v. 9)
  • Hatred and betrayal of Christians (v. 10)
  • Deceiving false prophets (v. 11)
  • Widespread iniquity and cold-heartedness (v. 12)
  • Perseverance is the issue (v. 13)
  • World-wide preaching of the gospel (v. 14)

The abomination of desolation will stand in the holy place (as Daniel predicted)

  • Run to the mountains (v. 16)
  • Don’t stop to gather anything from the house (v. 17)
  • Don’t return home from work; flee immediately (v. 18)

Meditation Points:

  1. In the eyes of God, persecution of His people is worse than anything else.
  2. God warns His people to run out of Jerusalem when they see this abomination occur.
  3. They should not think that the physical temple or literal city of Jerusalem will provide sanctuary.
  4. Yes, they shall be saved; but only if they take the proper action at the proper time.