Notes: December 12, 2009

“When shall these things be?”

When Jesus announced that the temple would be destroyed, the disciples quickly asked when that would happen.

Matthew 24:1-7

  • The disciples, probably still thinking about a spectacular earthly kingdom, seemed awestruck by the temple property (v. 1).
  • Jesus, however, announced that the destruction of that place would be great (v. 2).
  • Later, and privately, the disciples asked when the destruction would take place (v. 3). They assumed that such destruction would occur at the end of the world; and they wanted to know what signs to look for (also assuming that they would be alive at the end).
  • Jesus warned against being deceived (v. 4).
  • He predicted that there would be many deceivers, many who would claim to be the Christ (v. 5).
  • Further, although they would hear of wars and rumors of wars, they should not worry for the end is not yet (v. 6).
  • International conflict and “natural disaster” in diverse places will come, too (v. 7)

Meditation Points:

  1. Wars and disasters precede the end of the world.  Indeed we have seen the same for 2,000 years.
  2. Be not troubled by it all.