Notes: December 6, 2009

A Question About The Resurrection

Have you ever noticed that we often ask questions in order to defend our position rather than to acquire new knowledge?

Matthew 22:23-33

  • The adversaries are Sadducees who believe there is no resurrection. We are not surprised that their question for Jesus is about the resurrection.
  • A little bit of Bible knowledge can be dangerous. Deuteronomy 25:5-10 is the basis of their question/argument. (See also, Genesis 38:8, 11; Ruth 1:11). Often unbelievers create a humorous, mocking question about God’s Word.
  • Jesus chides them for their ignorance of scripture and the power of God (v. 29).
  • First, there is no marriage relationship in heaven (v. 30).
  • Second, (for those of you who mock the resurrection but still claim to be believers) God IS the God of Abraham (Exodus 3:6)—Abraham died and is alive!
  • The crowd was astonished at this teaching. The Sadducees were soundly defeated.