Notes: December 4, 2009

Parable Of The Wedding Supper

God’s Son will be glorified, even if the Jews reject him.

Matthew 22:1-14

  • Calling the called (v. 3).  Although foreign to our western sensibilities, having to issue a 2nd call to those already invited was quite common in Jewish culture.  Perhaps this willingness to issue a 2nd call was necessary because no one knew for certain at what hour the bridegroom would come to the wedding (compare Matthew 25:1-13).  Reminding folks of their commitments has become almost normal.
  • But, like the king, I also become offended when the 2nd call goes forth and people do not respond. Admittedly, for some true emergencies may arise. But for many, they should have declined the initial invitation so that another could be given advance notice. In the parable, men choose to busy themselves with their own work rather than join the celebration of the king’s son’s wedding. Surely Jesus refers to the Jews who have been invited by the prophets to honor the Messiah; but now that the time has come to honor the Christ, the Jews would busy themselves with their own rituals and traditions.
  • The king will not tolerate such rebellion and he will destroy the insolent and replace them with the willing, even if he must turn to those afar off, the uncultured Gentiles, to fill his house (v. 9). And so he instructs his servants to go to the other people; and they do.
  • And what a group it is! None are worthy. But of these some are most unworthy. But the wedding is filled with people to honor the king’s son.
  • Among this motley assortment is a man without the proper attire (v. 11). Since it was common for the host to provide a long white robe for anyone who arrived without one, (compare the fancy restaurants which provide jacket and/or tie for men), this improperly dressed guest is all the more culpable.
  • His invitation accepted but his generosity rejected, the king is furious and questions the motives of the poorly dressed man (v. 12). Of course, there can be no defense; the man is speechless, and cast out.
  • Proving again, that “many are called, but few are chosen.”

Meditation Points:

  1. The Jews were invited into God’s kingdom by the prophets. They were invited a second time by John the Baptist and the apostles of Jesus.  For them to reject Christ was an offense to God which led to their being rejected by God and replaced by Gentiles.
  2. The gospel goes indiscriminately to the world. Some who respond are still unconverted. They are without excuse, as God provides freely for all desire the righteousness of Christ as a covering for their sin. Why, then, do some still think that they can appear before God dressed in their own (un)righteousness?  It is no wonder that God is angry with them also.