Notes: December 2, 2009

Behold, the fig tree…

When the disciples saw that the fig tree had dried up overnight, they were startled.

Mark 11:19-25

  • Not just a few leaves or branches, but the whole tree, trunk and roots, had withered overnight (v. 20).
  • Remembering what Jesus had said a day earlier, Peter called attention to the dead tree (v. 21).
  • Jesus’ response?  “Have faith in God.” Does this impress you?  What might you see if you truly believed in God?
  • Mountains (literal or figurative?) could be moved if you only had faith (v. 23).
  • Believe when you pray, and you shall receive (v. 24).
  • But do not pray with an unforgiving spirit in you, or you will fail in prayer (v. 25). If you forgive, then your Father in heaven may forgive you also.