Notes: December 1, 2009

Isaiah And The Unbelievers

700 years before Christ, Isaiah spoke about those who would not believe in him.

John 12:37-50

Isaiah’s judgment (v. 37-43)

  • How could they not believe?
  • Isaiah asked the same question (v. 38; Isaiah 53:1; Acts 8:30; Romans 10:16).
  • Answer: it was their nature not to believe (v. 40) and they were afraid of the consequences of believing (v. 42-43).

Judged by the words of Christ (v. 44-50)

  • To see Jesus is to see God; to believe in Jesus is to believe in God (v. 44-45).
  • Jesus is light, and he came to save men (v. 46-47).
  • To reject Jesus is to request judgment upon oneself (v. 48).
  • That judgment will be based on ones rebellion against the word of God (v. 49-50).