Notes: November 28, 2009

Palm Sunday

Long known for the spreading of palm branches  in the path of Jesus, this day, less than one week before the crucifixion, is oft remembered.

John 12:12-19

  • Masses, knowing that Jesus was coming, ran out to meet him. Consider the spreading of palm branches to be like our “rolling out the red carpet” (v. 12-13).
  • Did the people understand the significance of their reciting Psalm 118:26 (v. 13).
  • Certainly the disciples did not, at first, understand the fulfillment of Zechariah 9:9 (v. 14-16).
  • Many people came to welcome Jesus because they had heard of the raising of Lazarus (v. 17-18).
  • Pharisees, however, were distraught, realizing that they had lost control (v. 19).