Notes: November 26, 2009

Will Jesus come?

After the raising of Lazarus, Jesus’ life was in danger. Would he keep the passover in Jerusalem?

John 11:55-57, 12:1, 12:9-11

  • Crowds had gone to Jerusalem ahead of the feast to purify themselves (v. 55).
  • Their question: would Jesus risk his life by coming? (v. 56)
  • The official ruling that anyone who knew his whereabouts should report them so that he could be arrested (v. 57).
  • About a week before the feast, Jesus returned to nearby Bethany, the place of the raising of Lazarus (v. 12:1).
  • Many people gathered in Bethany, not only to see Jesus but also to see the resurrected Lazarus (v. 9).
  • The infuriated the chief priests all the more because the resurrection of Lazarus was drawing masses to Jesus (v. 10).