Notes: November 17, 2009

The Kingdom of God

To those who expect Christ’s kingdom to be worthy of a Hollywood movie, read closely as Jesus himself describes his kingdom.

Luke 17:20-37

  • Without observation (v. 20). Don’t expect to see the kingdom of God with your eyes.
  • Within you (v. 21). The kingdom of God is not stone and mortar.
  • Unseen (v. 22)
  • Not a tourist attraction (v. 23). You don’t need to travel to find the kingdom of God.
  • Everywhere (v. 24)
  • Preceded by the passion of Christ (v. 25)
  • As in the days of Noah (v. 26-27) human activity will continue normally, with no expectation of danger.
  • As in the days of Lot (v. 28-30) judgment will come suddenly, without warning.
  • Don’t look back on your earthly past and accomplishments (v. 31-32). Be willing to part with everything and everybody for your soul’s sake.
  • A nighttime illustration (v. 34). Many will be sleeping;only few will go with Christ.
  • A daytime illustration (v. 35-36). Many will be working; only few will go with Christ.
  • Where? Wherever there is death. (v. 37)  Like scavenger birds gathering quickly upon the recently dead, so this judgment of the kingdom of God will gather where the death of sin is widespread.