Notes: November 16, 2009

Ten Lepers

Some people are grateful for the grace of God; and some are not. The thankful Samaritan receives an additional bonus from Jesus—his faith has saved him.

Luke 17:11-19

  • 10 men with a common medical (and social) problem. Brought together by leprosy. As a group crying out for the mercy of the Lord Jesus (v. 12-13).
  • Jesus recognizes their cries, and he instructs them to go to the priests (for evaluation)  (v. 14).
  • AS THEY WENT, they were cleansed. (If they had not obeyed Jesus, if they had not begun the journey to the priests, would they have been cleansed?(
  • 1, and only 1, of the ten came back to thank Jesus. The one was a Samaritan. So grateful was he that he fell on his face before Jesus and glorified God with a loud voice.
  • Jesus comments that 9 (90%!) of those who received healing did not glorify God for their cleansing. Do you expect to see more gratitude in the people you know?