Notes: November 4, 2009

A message for one of the guests

Jesus addressed all of the guests, some of the guests, and the host. Today we find his message for one guest in particular, though the lesson is for all.

Luke 14:15-24

  • Often a comment from someone else leads Jesus to teach a parable. This parable of the wedding supper is birthed in the guest’s comment about blessedness of the one who eats in the kingdom. Jesus therefore teaches about who that may (and may not) be.
  • A man plans a great supper, and sends out invitations for the, as yet, unscheduled event. How often have we said “I’ll be there” not knowing all that was involved?
  • At the time of the supper, a messenger was sent to tell the invitees that the time had come (v. 17).
  • Three excuses stand out: a real estate purchase, a real property purchase, a marriage (v. 18-20).
  • Who would buy real estate without first seeing the land?
  • Who would buy work animals without knowing that they could do the work?
  • How many men blame their wives for social calendar conflicts?
  • The angry master instructed his servant to invite the poor, the maimed, the halt, and the blind of the city to come (v. 21).
  • When more room existed, the master orders his servant to go outside the city and compel others to come (v. 23).
  • The lesson: NONE of those originally invited (ie. all those who made excuse) will enter the supper (v. 24).