Notes: November 2, 2009

To the lawyers and Pharisees at dinner

They could not answer him. Jesus had asked a leading question–the same kind of question that they had often asked him.

Luke: 14:1-6

  • Jesus accepted a Sabbath dinner invitation (v. 1).
  • Jesus accepted a dinner invitation to a chief Pharisee’s house (v. 1).
  • Jesus accepted an invitation that put him in direct contact with Pharisees and lawyers.
  • At the dinner also was a man who had the dropsy (v. 2).
  • The first question: Is it lawful to heal on the sabbath day? The Pharisees and lawyers did not answer (v. 3).
  • Jesus healed the man and sent him away (v. 4).
  • The second question: Which of you wouldn’t help one of your animals get out of a pit on the sabbath day? (v. 5).
  • They could not answer him (v. 6).