Notes: November 1, 2009

“Are there few that be saved?”

If so, are you one of the few?

Luke 13:22-35

  • Jesus answers the question: Many will seek to enter and shall not be able (v. 24). Knowing this, you should strive to enter.
  • The door will not always be opened. At some point further entrance will be denied.
  • And when you see others in the kingdom of God and you are outside, there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth-yours!
  • Jesus refused to be scared by the Pharisees who spoke of Herod’s desire to kill Jesus (v. 31-33).
  • Jesus laments that the leaders in Jerusalem kept the common folk from gathering to him (v. 34).
  • And he announces that he won’t be back until the end of his life (v. 35).

Meditation Points:

  1. The “many” of which Jesus speaks are not necessarily limited to one generation. But it’s an apt commentary on religion in our day.
  2. Jesus’ description of the kingdom of God shows that he speaks of something much more than religious fervor.
  3. Jesus would have gathered the common people, but their leaders would not allow it. This speaks of two contradictory wills; it does not speak of freedom of the will or limits of God’s ability. We know that the common people DID come to Jesus.