Notes: November 5, 2009

A message for the multitude

Three “ifs” and three examples. What do they mean?

Luke 14:25-35

  • If #1: If you don’t hate your family you cannot be a disciple of Christ (v. 26).
  • If #2: If you don’t bear your cross and follow Jesus, you cannot be his disciple (v. 27).
  • If #3: If you don’t forsake all that you have, you cannot be a disciple of Christ (v. 33).
  • Example #1: Count the cost of any project before beginning it (v. 28-30).
  • Example #2: Don’t enter a war that you cannot win (v. 31-32).
  • Example #3: Tasteless salt is worthless (V. 34-35).

    Do you have ears that hear? (v. 35).