Notes: October 31, 2009


No, that’s not a real word. But it should be, for it describes the safety of the believer in the hands of God– not anyone is able to pluck the believer out of the eternal life he enjoys in God’s care.

John 10:22-42

  • The deity of Christ is plainly taught in scripture. Those who demand more plain teaching will receive none. Their inability to comprehend the Messianic character and work of Jesus is due to their sinful nature—they do not believe because they are not Christ’s sheep (v. 26).
  • Some unbelievers will comprehend the message and reject Christ. They realize the consequences of His claims to deity (v. 31-34).
  • Jesus masterfully refers to Psalm 82:6 to prove it’s not blasphemous to be called “son of God”.
  • When the Jews sought to arrest Jesus, he escaped to the place beyond Jordan where John the Baptist had ministered. Many followed him there and gave testimony to his unique miracle-working; and many believed on him there (v. 40-42).

Meditation Points:

  1. Salvation requires a change of nature. Those who are by nature NOT sheep, cannot believe in Christ. What is your nature?
  2. Eternal life means never perishing. John 3:16. Pity those who do not know this blessed security.
  3. Clearly Jesus claimed to be divine. Else why would the Jews want to kill him? How is it that so-called theologians deny the deity of Christ?