Notes: October 29, 2009


Tragedy, because it stirs human emotions, is a mainstay of news reporting and conversation. Do tragedies address the issue of sin?

Luke 13:1-9

  • The political killing of Jewish worshipers was a national atrocity. What would Jesus say? (v.1)
  • When bad things happen to seemingly good people, we often suggest that they must have done something bad to deserve the injustice. Job’s friends wrongly thought the same of him.
  • Jesus correctly comments that the Galileans should spur us to repentance rather than looking for someone to blame (v. 2-3).
  • Moreover, Jesus continues, another tragic event, the death of 18 by the falling tower of Siloam, should spur us to repentance also. Death may come suddenly and without warning.
  • Unless they (and we) repent, perishing is certain (v. 3 and 5).
  • Like fig trees, we are expected to bear fruit; and if we don’t, we shall be cut down. (v. 6-9).