Notes: October 18, 2009

The Seventy

Jesus sends a larger group of disciples to preach in the cities where he himself would come.

Luke 10:1-24

The Seventy Sent (v. 1-16)

  • The work of announcing the kingdom of God requires many, indefatigable representatives (v. 2).
  • They must trust God to prepare their way and to provide for them.
  • Not every city will receive their message or them.
  • Inhospitable cities are to be rebuked and abandoned.
  • The curse of God is upon those places which rejected Christ though he often proved himself before them.
  • The servants can expect the same treatment that Jesus received in these cities.

The Seventy Returned (v. 17-24)

  • Upon their return to Jesus, the seventy rejoiced in the mighty works they had done, in their power over demons.
  • Jesus called it the fall of Satan (v. 18).
  • But he advised them to be more joyful that they are known in the courts of heaven (v. 20).
  • Jesus was thankful that God had revealed truth to his disciples. No man knows God apart from revelation (v. 22).
  • The disciples have been blessed to have received divine revelation (v. 24).