Notes: October 22, 2009

Signs of Sonship

In today’s reading, we see more evidence of the deity of Christ.

Luke 11:14-36

  • If casting out demons is not sufficient, what else do you need to see? (v. 14-26)
  • More blessed than the virgin Mary are those who hear the word of God and do it (v. 27-28).
  • As Jonah was a sign to Nineveh in his day, so Jesus is a sign to his generation (v. 29-30).
  • And the people of Nineveh, along with the Queen of Sheba, will witness against the generation that sees but rejects Jesus (v. 31-32).
  • Jesus, the Light of the World, gives bright, shining light that cannot be hidden to his people (v. 33-36)