Notes: October 17, 2009

The Good Shepherd

Expanding the parable of the sheepfold, Jesus adds that not only is he the “the door”, he is also “the shepherd” of the parable.

John 10:11-21

Jesus is the good shepherd, not a hireling. (v. 11-14).

  • For some, it’s just a job. And when the job of shepherding becomes difficult or dangerous, they quickly resign, leaving the sheep to fend for themselves. The hireling leaves in such a situation because it is the nature of a hireling. Of course we are talking about those who pastor people.

Jesus has other sheep, not of the Hebrew line (v. 15-16).

  • Known to him, and possibly not to others, is the reality of other sheep. His calling is to gather all sheep into one fold/family under one shepherd, Christ himself. The salvation of the Gentiles and their fellowship with believers who come from the Jewish tradition should not be a surprise to students of the Old or New Testaments.

Jesus offers his life to save others, not that he has to (v. 17-18).

  • Voluntary.There is no greater love than this.

Jesus divides men into two groups-those who know him and those who do not (v. 19-21).

  • While some think him mad or demon-possessed, others accept Jesus as a miracle-worker from God.