Notes: October 16, 2009

“I am the door”

Jesus explains the parable of the sheepfold.

John 10:1-10

I. The parable (v. 1-5)

  • Thieves and robbers don’t use the door.
  • The shepherd enters via the door.
  • The shepherd is known and followed by his own sheep.
  • The shepherd speaks to the sheep, and leads them.
  • The sheep will not follow a stranger because they do not recognize his voice.

II. The explanation (v. 6-10)

  • Jesus is the door.
  • All other religious saviors are thieves and robbers whom true sheep ignore.
  • Coming to (and through Jesus) saves a man.
  • Jesus, unlike the thieves and robbers who intend to destroy the sheep, purposes to give abundant life to his sheep.