Notes: October 13, 2009

“How were your eyes opened?”

Inquisitive creatures we are. Always wanting to know how things work.

John 9:8-12

  • When his neighbors and others saw the formerly blind man sighted and walking, they couldn’t believe their eyes (v. 8-9).
  • When the man himself assured them that it was he, they asked what happened (v. 10).
  • His response was brief and to the point: Jesus told me to go and wash. I went and washed; and I received my sight (v. 11).

Meditation Points:

  1. A man who has lived in blindness his whole life suddenly lives in the light. Don’t you want to know more?
  2. If you have experienced such a dramatic change in your life, would you deny it?
  3. A Christian must always be prepared to tell how he got saved.
  4. Would the blindness have been removed if the man didn’t have faith to obey Jesus?