Notes: October 12, 2009

“Who sinned?”

How old were you when you realized the principle of ‘cause and effect’? And how old were you when you realized that you could not always work backwards to discover the cause of every effect?

John 9:1-7

  • A man was born blind (v. 1).
  • Yet the disciples asked whether his sin caused him to be born blind (v. 2). One wonders whether they were considering sin before birth or sin not yet committed.
  • Of course there was always the possibility that the parents had sinned and the boy suffered (v. 2).
  • Not sin, but the glory of God was the reason for the blindness (v. 3-4). Let us ever look beyond the obvious to discover God’s sovereignty.
  • After Jesus healed the man, Jesus sent him to (publicly) wash (v. 7). The man went, seeing.