Notes: October 11, 2009

Who is your Father?

Jesus taught his disciples to pray “Our Father, who is in heaven.” Is your Father in heaven? Some religionists are children of the devil.

John 8:21-59

  • “If you believe not that I am, you will die in your sins” (v. 24). “When you have lifted up the Son of man, then you shall know that I am” (v. 28). “Before Abraham was, I am” (v. 58). “Then they took up stones to cast at him” (v. 59). It took them quite a while to understand what Jesus was saying, but when the Jews realized that Jesus was claiming to be the Son of God, they would have killed him.
  • Many believed on him (v. 30), and Jesus spoke to those Jews who believed on him (v. 31). Apparently there is a faith which saves and a faith which does not save, for Jesus engages them in a conversation about their Father. They claim to be the children of Abraham (v. 33); and Jesus tells them that Abraham’s children would not be engaged in the thoughts and actions which so engrossed them (v. 37, 39).
  • Children imitate their father. God’s children follow Him; the devil’s children follow him (v. 41-44). Are you more like God or the devil?
  • These believers were unbelievers (v. 45). Many believers today are unbelievers, too. Look at how they live. Listen to their conversation. What do they think of Christ?
  • When the Jews accuse Jesus of being a demon-possessed Samaritan  (v. 48), he introduces them to the reality of his pre-incarnate existence(v. 56-58). The matter of who Jesus is often is the telling point of a person’s true faith.