Notes: October 9. 2009


Most often this scripture is titled “The Adulterous Woman”. But what about the man?

John 7:53; John 8:1-11

  • Every man went to his own house. Jesus went “home” to pray.
  • Sitting in the temple, surrounded by students, Jesus is interrupted by scribes and Pharisees who set a woman in front of him, declaring that she had been taken in the act of adultery.
  • Jesus refused to answer their trick question which was designed to pit Jesus against either divine law or Roman law.
  • Instead he wrote something on the ground, and challenged the men that the sinless one among them should cast the first stone.
  • Convicted by their own conscience (had they themselves been guilty of adultery?) they departed, leaving Jesus and woman surrounded by on-lookers.
  • Jesus bade her to go, and sin no more, declining to condemn her.