Notes: September 29, 2009

John the Baptist is Elijah

At Jesus’ instruction, Peter, James and John did not tell anyone about the transfiguration until after the Resurrection.

Matthew 17:9-13

  • But the three were curious. Speaking of resurrection, they had just seen Moses and Elijah. Malachi had spoken about Elijah coming before the Messiah. Is this appearance what the prophet meant?
  • Jesus confirms the accuracy of the prophecy of Malachi, but he denies that the recent appearance of Elijah along with Moses was the fulfillment.
  • Instead, Jesus says that “Elijah” had already come and he was mistreated. So also must Jesus suffer many things and be treated with contempt.
  • The disciples, uncharacteristically, understood that Jesus was saying John the Baptist was the fulfillment of Malachi’s Elijah prophecy.