Notes: September 18, 2009

“I am the bread of life.”

Man does not live by bread alone…but he does need bread. Especially does man need the bread of life.

John 6:22-36

  • Feeding the 5000 was a recent miracle. That was just the beginning.
  • Many who had witnessed or heard of that miracle went looking for Jesus.
  • Jesus knew that they sought the results of the miracle and not Him who had done the miracle.
  • Challenged by Jesus to do the works of God, they asked him to elaborate. “Believe on him who he has sent.” (v. 27-29).
  • They demanded a sign, like manna from heaven, as though they hadn’t already witnessed a miracle (v. 30-31).
  • Jesus informs them that Moses didn’t call the manna from heaven; and that true manna from heaven is Jesus himself (v. 32-33).
  • Stuck in carnal and literal interpretation mode, they demand the bread (v. 34).
  • Coming to Jesus satisfies one’s hunger; trusting Jesus quenches one’s thirst (v. 35). Forever!

Meditation Points:

  1. Look for the spiritual truth.
  2. Failing to remember verse 35 has led to many strange ideas, including accusations of cannibalism and transubstantiation.