Notes: September 17, 2009

Returning from the day off that wasn’t

Jesus and his men had gone across the sea to a quiet place so that they could rest a while.  But crowds found them out and the day was spent ministering to thousands. The night was spent traveling by sea through a great wind storm. Not much rest that day.

Mark 6:53-56; Matthew 14:34-36

  • No sooner had they landed than they were surrounded by needed crowds again (v. 54-55).
  • And Jesus, untiringly, continued into villages, cities, and country to minister.
  • Like the woman who sneaked behind him and touched his garment, many others did the same and were made whole (v. 56).

Meditation Points:

  1. Without benefit of modern communications, word traveled fast about Jesus, his whereabouts, and his ministry.
  2. Where does one get strength to work such long hours?