Notes: September 15, 2009

After Feeding The 5000

Many people came to see Jesus because of the miracles He did. After feeding the 5000, He really attracted attention.

John 6:14-15; Mark 6:45-46

  • Observers/participants of the miraculous feeding of the 5000 concluded that Jesus must be the Messiah (v. 14).
  • Jesus knew that they were about to forcibly make him king, a grassroots rebellion against Rome.
  • To avoid such a confrontation, Jesus instructed his disciple to sail across the lake to Bethsaida (v. 45).
  • He himself went up the mountain to pray alone (v. 46).

Meditation Points:

  1. Popularity and notoriety are not always to be cherished.
  2. Jesus and his disciples had come here get away from the crowds and to rest (Mark 31-33) but the crowds found them, even anticipating where they were going.
  3. Jesus prayed at the end of a very busy day.