Notes: September 14, 2009

Feeding the 5000

This miracle is told in all four gospels. The fullest account is in John 6.

John 6:1-13

  • It had been a busy day of teaching and healing.
  • It was in the springtime, near Passover season (v. 4).
  • Jesus asked a rhetorical question: Where can be buy food for all these people”
  • Philip, like many church trustees, countered with “We can’t afford it.” (v. 7).
  • Andrew, for whatever reason and with whatever mindset, present a little boy with 5 barley loaves and 2 small fish (v. 8-9).
  • Jesus instructs the men to be seated in groups of 50 (v.10). [Aside: did the women stand?]
  • Jesus prayed and then distributed to the disciples who, in turn, distributed to those who were seated in groups of 50. [Do the math: 12 disciples, 5000 men in groups of 50=100 groups, or more than 8 groups per disciple]
  • Everyone got as much to eat as he wanted (v. 11) and there were still 12 baskets bread left over (v. 13).

Meditation Point:

  1. He who created a world from nothing can surely create more from something.
  2. Deny the miracle if you will; but do not call yourself a believer.



  1. As usual, the King James Version wrongly translates the word for ‘human beings’ as ‘men’, in verse 10. I’m pretty sure the women sat down also.