Notes: September 11, 2009


Not many people would be willing to go out as a representative of Jesus if the requirements of the original 12 apostles were expected today. Would you go?

Matthew 10:5-42

  • Don’t go to the Gentiles. Don’t go to the Samaritans. (v. 5). Jesus had a target audience in mind.
  • Go to the lost sheep of Israel (v. 6). As far a Jesus was concerned, the Jews, as a people and nation, were not saved. Though certainly the Jews considered themselves saved. How many nations are likewise deluded and lost today?
  • Preach the kingdom of heaven is at hand (v. 7). Not some distant future relationship with God. But a present knowledge of God.
  • Freely you have received; freely give (v. 8). Do not preach for money. Do not sell the gospel. Salvation cannot be bought, not even by good works.
  • Without a large bankroll and without extra clothing, they went expecting those who received their message would provide for them. For the workman is worthy of his hire (v. 9-10).
  • Some places and people would receive the gospel and the gospel preachers. Others would not (v. 11-15).
  • The world would not be friendly to them; and they must expect opposition and know how to handle it. But they must not worry about their response when arrested (v. 16-20).
  • Like Jesus, and because of their association with him, the apostles would be maligned and persecuted (v. 21-25).
  • But they should not fear the consequences, for their heavenly Father watches over them (v. 26-31).
  • The gospel of peace with God will bring wars among men who will not be reconciled to God(v. 32-36).
  • The ultimate question is whether Jesus means more to us than our families or even our own lives (v. 37-39).
  • How men treat the representatives of Christ indicates their attitude toward Christ himself (v. 40-42).