Notes: September 8, 2009

Another Ruler

Nicodemus was a ruler of the synagogue. He was not the only synagogue ruler to come to Jesus, however. Today we witness a ruler-father intercede on behalf of his only daughter.

Mk 5:22-24, Mk 5:35-43

  • Jarius. A public figure. A leader of the synagogue.
  • Father. Concerned. Shameless-falling at the feet of Jesus, crying, “Come and heal her.”
  • Hope shattered when a messenger comes from the house and announces, “Your daughter is dead.”
  • Jesus, not limited by the past, encourages, “Be not afraid. Only believe.”
  • Peter, James and John alone of all the apostles accompany Jesus to the house where they find many mourners gathered, including (already) minstrels.
  • When Jesus asks why the fuss, and suggests that the girl is but sleeping, the crowd laugh him to scorn.
  • Jesus calmly takes mother and father to where the girl lay.
  • He clasps her hand, and bids her to arise.
  • When the 12-year old rises and walks, Jesus instructs the parents not to tell anyone. Then he commands that she be fed.

Meditation Points:

  1. Would you throw away all respectability to plead for your child’s life? Would you throw away all respectability to plead for your child’s soul?
  2. Would anyone suggest Jesus is unfair to restore life to this child and not to all who died in that city that day?
  3. Yes, she was dead. The mourners were right. But their unbelief prevented them from seeing possibilities.
  4. How could the parents keep this quiet?