Notes: September 6, 2009

Demons Out

About 2000 pigs were herded nearby Would Jesus allow the demons to move from the man to the swine?

Mark 5:1-20 (see also  Luke 8:26-39 and Matthew 8:28-34)

  • All the demons cried out for permission.
  • They did not want to leave the country.
  • They sought refuge in the herd of swine.
  • Permission was granted.
  • Upon entering the pigs, the pigs ran uncontrollably toward and over the cliff and into the water below where they drowned.
  • Those who were watching the pigs watched this mass swine suicide; then they ran into the city to tell others.
  • Coming from the city, the crowd found the man who previously had been possessed by the Legion of demons.
  • There he was clothed and calmly sitting in his right mind with Jesus. He had been delivered.
  • Instead of thankfully glorifying God for the deliverance, they demanded that Jesus depart the area. Were they afraid the demons would return?
  • The man wanted to travel with Jesus; but Jesus told him to go into the city and tell his friends what had happened. The man gladly did just that.