Notes: September 4, 2009

“Why are you so fearful?”

What frightens you? Are your fears reasonable? Fearing violent weather’s affect upon one’s ship at sea seems reasonable enough. But Jesus questions the fear…

Mark 4:35-41, Luke 8:22-25, Matthew 8:23-27

  • The journey started simply enough. They’d oft been in a boat on that body of water before. Why should this day be any different?
  • Would they have set sail if there had been any indication of the tempest that was to follow?
  • Jesus was asleep in the back of the boat, on a pillow.
  • The wind blew; and waves filled the boat with water.
  • Realizing the danger as life-threatening, the disciples awakened Jesus, wondering what to do.
  • Calmly Jesus rebuked the wind and settled the rushing sea.
  • Then He turned to the disciples and asked why they had been frightened. He questioned their faith.
  • Fear of wind and water, fear of dying, was soon replaced by fear of God who can command both wind and water to obey.