Notes: August 29, 2009

“Master, show us a sign.”

Many people consider it admirable that they have “agreed” to accept a sign from God. Jesus says that evil men seek signs from the God who has repeatedly proven himself already.

Matthew 12:38-45

  • Clearly Jesus was familiar with the history of the prophet Jonah.
  • Jonah’s three days in the whale’s belly are similar to the three days that Jesus will be buried (before his resurrection).
  • Judgment day will be a day of resurrection.
  • People who lived long ago will mingle with people of later generations.
  • Comparisons and contrasts will be made.
  • We are expected to repent. More light, more responsibility to repent.
  • Jesus is greater than Jonah.  Jesus is greater than Solomon.
  • Ridding oneself of evil is good. But if the evil is not replaced with good, the evil may return 7 times worse than before.
  • Too many people shed bad habits only to see them replaced with worse habits.