Notes: September 28, 2009

The Transfiguration

Jesus told his disciples that some of them would see the Son of Man coming in his kingdom. About a week later, he is transfigured before them.

Matthew 17:1-8 (See also Luke 9:28-36)

  • Peter, James and John accompany Jesus to a high mountain. The other disciples remain behind. Is it wrong for Jesus to choose these three and not any or all of the others?
  • Transfigured. Changed. His appearance was altered. His face shined. His clothing shined. White, like snow. Whiter than any launderer can get white clothing. White and glistening.
  • Moses and Elijah appeared in glory and talked with Jesus about his coming death in Jerusalem.
  • Peter suggested that three booths be erected, shrines to the occasion. He should have remained silent; for his suggestion was totally out of place and evidence that he didn’t comprehend the event.
  • God corrected him by saying to listen to Jesus the Son. Too often saints are honored along with or in place of Jesus. Too often Jesus is ignored and we build our own memorials. Too often we speak and act when we should be reverent and silent.
  • Moses and Elijah disappeared; and Jesus calmed their fears.