Notes: August 28, 2009


Jesus, who came from heaven, teaches some basic principles of the spirit life. If he had not revealed these things, we would not have known.

Matthew 12:22-37; Mark 3:19-30

  • A divided kingdom, city or house cannot stand (v. 25). Seventeen centuries later American colonists acknowledged this with their motto “United We Stand.”
  • Satan will not empower one to cast out demons (v. 26).
  • Casting out demons is evidence of the kingdom of God at work (v. 28).
  • One is either with Jesus or against him. There is no neutrality (v. 30).
  • Blasphemy against the Spirit of God is unforgiveable (v. 31-32).
  • Speech is an indicator of character (v. 35).
  • We are accountable for EVERY word we speak (v. 36).
  • Our words shall be entered in evidence on judgment day (v. 37).