Notes: August 25, 2009

“Come unto me…”

Jesus offers an invitation for men to join Him. But first he issues a stern warning and reprimand to the unrepentant.

Matthew 11:20-30

  • Tyre and Sidon were wicked cites from the Old Testament period. But not worse than Chorazin and Bethsaida of Jesus’ day (v. 21-22).
  • Sodom was a wicked city from the Old Testament period. But not worse than Capernaum of Jesus’ day (v. 23-24).
  • With the greater testimony of Jesus’ authority came greater responsibility to follow Him.
  • Greater testimony and greater responsibility imply greater judgment for those who reject Christ.
  • Listen as Jesus thanks His Father for hiding some things from some people and revealing those things to others (v. 25-27).
  • Jesus acknowledges that this is good (v. 26).
  • Jesus advances that only He can reveal God to men (v. 27).
  • The invitation (v. 28-30)
    • Come
    • to Jesus
    • all who toil incessantly
    • receive rest for your souls
    • rest in the employ of Jesus
    • whose character is meek and lowly
    • whose management style is easy
    • whose expectancy is light