Notes: August 23, 2009

Great Prophet

What do you do when you come upon a funeral procession? In some cultures, out of respect for the dead, you would stand quietly as the pall bearers and mourners pass by. Today we see what Jesus did in the town of Nain…

Luke 7:11-17

  • A gated community; a walled city.
  • The only son of a widow was being carried to his burial.
  • Many people joined the grieving mother.
  • Jesus had compassion on her and bade her not to weep. Easier said than done.
  • Then Jesus touched the bier and bade the dead to rise. Foolishness if you or I were to do it. Divine power coming from Jesus.
  • The crowd recognized that they were in the presence of God. And word of the miracle soon spread throughout the land.