Notes: August 19, 2009

Continuing Contrasts In The Mountain Sermon

The entirety of Matthew chapters 5-7 can be summarized in this thought: there are 2 ways to live-one right and the other wrong. Those who advocate living by the “golden rule” (Matthew 7:12) as a certain path to heaven would do well to read the context.

Matthew 7:1-17

  • Judge not. Remember that Matthew 7:6 and Matthew 7:15 are in this chapter, too.
  • Uneducated and prejudiced judging is forbidden. Once the judge is right with God then judgment can begin (v. 5).
  • Bread and fish are nothing compared to what God has for His children (v. 6-11).
  • The “golden rule” (v. 12) was nothing new. It was the sum of the law and the prophets, the scriptures, the Old Testament, the Bible.
  • Two roads, each with an entrance, travelers and a destination (v. 12-14). Which road are you traveling?
  • Beware of false prophets (v. 15). Why? How do you recognize one? (v. 16-17).