Notes: August 18, 2009

“What are you looking for?”

Uncertain times. Or so the world says. The Christian knows otherwise. He knows that God is in control of all things and the end is certain. This is not NLP; it’s confidence in God.

Matthew 6:32-34

All these things, food and clothing  (v. 32)

  • the Gentiles seek them
  • God, your Father, knows that you need them

Don’t prioritize like Gentiles (v. 33)

  • you seek the kingdom of God
  • you seek God’s righteousness
  • you receive by divine addition all these things

Don’t worry (v. 34)

  • Proverbs 27:1. James 3:13-17
  • Don’t you have enough to worry about today without worrying about tomorrow?
  • Don’t forsake God’s gift of the very real present for an unknown future. Enjoy today!