Notes: August 17, 2009

Negativity In The Sermon On The Mount

Having discussed the wrong and right ways to read the Bible, Jesus now turns to explain the wrong and right ways to perform holy duties. In a world gone mad with positive thinking, Jesus’ teaching seems out of place. But pleasing social planners and being politically correct were never his priorities. Instead, he was always about his Father’s business; and he teaches how to please God, how to be right with God.

Matthew 6:1-34

  • Don’t give alms as “they” do (v. 1-4)
  • Don’t pray as “they” do (v. 5-15)
  • Don’t fast as “they” do (v. 16-18)
  • Don’t have carnal goals as “they” do (v. 19-24)
  • Don’t worry about the future as “they” do (v. 25-34)

Meditation Points:

  1. Charity, prayer and fasting are good. But they have no eternal value if done for the recognition and applause of men.
  2. If you would learn how to pray, the “Lord’s prayer” (v. 9-13) teaches proper attitude and subject matter for praying.
  3. Jesus does not forbid bank accounts and planning for the future. He does condemn obsession with possessions and worry.