Notes: August 13, 2009

The Teaching On The Mount

Traditionally known as “the sermon on the mount,” Matthew 5-7 encompasses a wide variety of subjects. Read the entire passage aloud. How long did it take? Do you understand everything with one reading, or do you yearn for more? It is evident from the variations between Matthew and Luke that neither version is complete. It must have been a “seminar on the mount.”

In today’s reading, we consider the opening teaching of that day

Matthew 5:1-16; Luke 6:17-26


Matthew lists 8 of these “blessings”; Luke has but 4 in abbreviated form, but he includes 4 parallel “woes.”

  • 1. the poor in spirit have the kingdom of heaven/God (Luke:  poor – woe to the rich)
  • 2. they who mourn shall be comforted  (Luke: that weep – woe to those who laugh)
  • 3. the meek shall inherit the earth
  • 4. they who hunger and thirst after righteousness shall be filled (Luke: that hunger – woe to the full)
  • 5. the merciful shall obtain mercy
  • 6. the pure in heart shall see God
  • 7. the peacemakers shall be called the children of God
  • 8. they/you who are persecuted for righteousness sake have great reward in heaven  (Luke: when men shall hate you – woe when all men speak well of you)