Notes: August 11, 2009

Another sabbath opportunity to glorify God.

Is it just me, or do the Jews seem more interested in whether Jesus keeps their religious laws than they are in his many miracles? Like the crazy man who argued that he was dead… when someone stuck him with a pin, he remarked, “Well, I guess dead men do bleed.” The Jews were blinded by their own prejudices and they couldn’t see that the Son of God was in their midst.

Mark 3:1-6; Matthew 12:9-14; Luke 6:6-11

  • You can hear them say, “Watch. Let’s see whether Jesus will heal that man on the sabbath day. If he does, then we’ll have something to hold against him.”
  • Jesus knew what they were thinking; and he intentionally made the healing all the more public.
  • “Is it lawful to heal on the sabbath?”
  • “Wouldn’t you help an animal out of the ditch on the sabbath?” (sheep, here; ox in Lk14:5).
  • Conclusion: man is worth more than an animal therefore healing is legal on the sabbath.
  • And for this, the Pharisees want to kill Jesus.