Notes: August 8, 2009


In Judea again, Jesus demonstrates his miraculous power by healing the crippled man at the pool of Bethesda. Although the miracle could not be denied, Jesus was rejected because the healing was on a sabbath day. In today’s reading we learn the discussion that followed…

John 5:16-29

  • Jesus said, “My Father is working until now; and I work.” (v. 17)
  • The Jews who wanted to kill Jesus for healing on the sabbath are even more outraged at this claim to be equal with God (v. 18). Those who deny the deity of Christ, take note.
  • If the Jews were mistaken in their conclusions, Jesus missed the perfect opportunity to correct them and to deny any claims of deity. Instead he went on to elaborate on his relationship with his divine Father (v. 19-23).
  • Jesus claims the power to raise the dead and the right to judge all men (v.21-22).
  • Jesus demands worship from men (v. 23).
  • Jesus pronounces judgment on all who reject him by pronouncing eternal salvation on all who accept him (v. 24).
  • Jesus, having spoken about eternal life (v. 24), speaks about a physical resurrection of the body (v. 25, 28-29).
  • Jesus claims to have the divine power of life (v. 26), power over spiritual and physical life.