Notes: August 5, 2009

Faith That Works

What would you do for a friend? How much time, energy, money, and embarrassment would you be willing to spend on a sick friend?

Mark 2:1-12; Matthew 9:1-8; Luke 5:17-26

  • Capernaum is called “his own city.” Jesus spent much time there.
  • As often was the case, many people surrounded him to hear him speak.
  • And there were a number of scribes, Pharisees, doctors of the law nearby taking note of all that happened, too.
  • Four men wanted Jesus to heal their friend who couldn’t walk; and they would stop at nothing to present their request to Jesus-even if it meant making a hole in the roof of the house.
  • Jesus saw THEIR faith and declared that their friends sins were forgiven-the man’s greatest need.
  • The doubters accused Jesus of blasphemy for claiming the rights of God.
  • Jesus proved his deity by also healing the man’s physical problem.
  • The people were amazed, and glorified God.
  • What of the religious experts?