Notes: August 4, 2009

“A Leper’s Hope”

Do you get up early to be alone with God? Jesus did; and you should, too. Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day; but Man does not live by bread alone.

Mark 1:35-45; Matthew 4:23-25; Luke 4:42-44; Luke 5:12-16

  • Sometimes you can close your eyes, shut out the world around you, and commune with God. At other times, the distractions are too great; and you need to go somewhere alone. Jesus left the house to pray; but many people went looking for him.
  • Jesus took this opportunity to leave the town altogether and visit synagogues in other areas, preaching the gospel throughout Galilee.
  • In one town a man with leprosy asked Jesus to heal him. Jesus did as the man requested.
  • The man, however, did not follow the “post-operative” instructions of Jesus. Instead of quietly go to a priest to have the miracle authenticated, the man, understandably, told everyone what had happened.
  • The news brought more throngs to Jesus, so that he must leave that town, too.