Notes: July 29, 2009

“Jesus And Direct Response Marketing”

Compare your answers from yesterday’s homework assignment with these notes. Did I/you go too far, or maybe not far enough? Of course Jesus is not selling anything. He’s giving salvation free. And he offers it directly, expecting a response. Moreover, he doesn’t quit until he’s told everything that the woman of Samaria needs to hear.

John 4:5-42

  • Know your audience. Know where to reach them, and what it is that they need or want.

Do you have any doubt that Jesus knew all about the roles of women and men in society, as well as the relationship between Samaritans and Jews?

  • Introduce yourself and what you have to offer with an attention-grabbing headline.

Jesus asked for water. That sure got her attention. A man. A Jew. Speaking to her, a woman of the world.

  • Give some information that hooks them into listening further.

His proposal that he could give her water piques her curiosity. How could that be? I want to hear more.

  • Make an irresistible offer.

Water that eternally quenches one’s thirst? Unheard of.

  • Promise and guarantee something big and wonderful.

Living water. Everlasting life. Yes, I want it.

  • We don’t like to work; if you offer an easier, faster, longer-lasting solution, they will want it.

I can see myself not having to come out here in the middle of the day to avoid all the other, more respectable women. I like the idea of not having to carry water all the way back into the town. Sign me up.

  • Heighten their desire by withdrawing the offer slightly.

What? I can’t have it just now. I have to speak to my husband. I want it even more.

  • Demonstrate your credibility.

Surely a man who knows this much about me is able to provide that living water.

  • Use short, powerful statements to describe the benefits of what you offer.

We know what we worship. Salvation is of the Jews. Worship in spirit and in truth. I am he.

  • Gather testimonials from those who have consumed your product or service.

“Come, see a man, who told me all things that ever I did: is this not the Christ?”

  • Use satisfied consumers as affiliates.

Many believed n him for the saying of the woman.

  • If possible, set up a continuing program of satisfying needs and wants.

He stayed there two days, at their request.