Notes: July 27, 2009

Avoid unnecessary conflict

Each of the gospel writers adds a bit to a complete understanding of events following John the Baptist’s confrontation with the committee of Pharisees from Jerusalem who inquired about his credentials. Read the following verses; and then rewrite their content into a single paragraph if you can.

John 4:1-4

Luke 3:19-20

Mark 1:14

Matthew 4:12

Luke 4:14

Meditation Points:

  1. Jesus could have stayed in the area and built a larger following for himself; but he didn’t.
  2. To get where he wanted to go, “he must needs go through Samaria.” Sometimes an insignificant “necessity” has much larger consequences.
  3. Herod the Tetrarch, son of Herod the Great is introduced as the one responsible for the imprisonment of John. And what landed the preacher in jail? His message that divorce and remarriage is a sin.
  4. How is it that Jesus gained such popularity?